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Those who believed that paying money with the mobile was the height of modernity, it seems that they were not aware of what the last of the last is to get money from the cashier thanks to the face recognition. Therefore, forget about the card, the mobile because if you leave home and do not have cash, your face can get you out of the quagmire.

In this way it is possible to strengthen security, while achieving greater comfort in operations, because what is easier than putting on the face to get our money?

With this commitment, the entity is at the forefront of the sector because it is the first in the world to implement something similar. Other entities, despite having incorporated this technology, still require the user to enter a pin. Therefore, the advance is not revolutionary as it should.

And how do cashiers work with facial recognition technology?

And how do cashiers work with facial recognition technology?

To be able to recognize this method, the interested party must first take the trouble to go to the offices of the entity to register for this service. This registration is carried out in the offices of the entity in just a few minutes through the employees’ tablets.

However, it is possible that many customers reluctantly see this novel way to get money from the cashier. Nothing happens, Good Credit has contemplated this possibility and the client can choose which technology he prefers, if the personal identification by means of facial recognition or PIN identification. The coexistence where the client decides.

But it is very likely that many or almost all opt for this new system. Not surprisingly, the difficulty in remembering this key is one of the most common problems among digital banking users.

The truth is that, to ensure success and,

The truth is that, to ensure success and,

Above all, not get your hands, the financier conducted a study with real clients to know what degree of acceptance would have such a measure. The results were very eloquent: 70% of respondents would be willing to use it as an alternative to using their personal code through the keyboard.

According to the official website of the bank, it is estimated that for the next few years around 3,000 ATMs will have this technology.

No commissions

No commissions

Although withdrawing money from the cashier with the convenience of saving us the introduction of a PIN code is frankly good, the biggest advantage for customers is – without a doubt – being able to do so without being charged for it.  

Is this possible? Of course it is. In fact, in our comparator of loans and bank accounts we have the Account.

The first account without a bank, without commissions and without conditions. Dedicated to all those who don’t look for a bank, but quite the opposite.  

Thus, in broad strokes, we can cite the following advantages.

  • Get money wherever you want
  • Travel without commissions
  • Your money, always safe

Currently, it is a very intuitive and easy-to-use comfortable application that offers you the best of banks without their inconveniences. The truth is that, as explained on its website, E-bank is a real revolution: “E-bank offers you an online electronic money account and an all-in-one card, without any commission and with an app from which to control All operations You will not need another bank account to get money from any ATM in the world, you can make payments between friends, pay insurance, get discounts … and much more!

More than 90,000 users in 180 countries of the world have already launched to use it: “It is not a current debit or prepaid card, E-bank offers all the benefits of digital banking or electronic banking without being a bank. The account without a bank, without costs, without conditions, without commissions and without permanence, but with the advantages of being a E-banker at any ATM in the world ”.

If you are interested in something like that, which is very likely, find out about our Proharro.

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